In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was a development blog.

Actually, there were a few more things before this website and blog existed. But not that much.

What is now Lacuna King Inc. was once just two friends nerdily working from one of their apartments, humbly yet ambitiously creating a mobile game. Lacuna King Inc. is actually still that exact thing. Only now we’re a bit more serious as we hope to launch our game, Slime-ball-istic Mr. Missile, on the Android store in a few months.

This entire process is new to us, and you are formally invited to join (or at least eavesdrop on ) our journey. This is a game development blog in which we’ll update and regale you with whatever progress is being made with Mr. Missile.

Topics covered may include:
-game programming
-game art / graphics
-software / hardware
-music / sound effects

To cover the basics, our team consists of two individuals.
-Louis Kang – programmer / game design
Lucian Chung – artist / game design

We are using
Unity 3d game engine – Personal Edition
-Adobe Photoshop CC
-the Internet (thank you Google and YouTube!)

Thank you for stopping by. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover.


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