Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Developer: Lacuna King Inc. (Seoul, Korea)
Release Date: Oceania-1/13/2017, Global – 2/26/2017


Bizarre – and arguably cute – slime is falling from the sky, consuming buildings in the cities you love, hate, and have only dreamed about. Unbelievably, only a young mechanic and her robots are doing anything to stop this. Slime-Ball-Istic Mr. Missile is a free-to-play mobile game coming to Android and iOS with simple, intuitive, retro gameplay. Players must shoot slimeballs of varying size, speed, and cuteness as they fall from the sky before they hit buildings, consuming them in disarming, slimeballey ways. The game features actual cities (not actual, but … actual) as players protect and unlock somewhat familiar buildings and landmarks from around the world. Different power-ups can also be obtained to help the eponymous missile turret Mr. Missile as he aims for great heights to save humanity – or at least some buildings they’ve made.


Teaser Video


Mr. Missile Screenshots (download zip file)mrmissile_screenshots1_logoparismrmissile_screenshots2_newyorkmrmissile_screenshots3_taipeimrmissile_screenshots4_bharatimrmissile_screenshots5_sydneymrmissile_screenshots6_worldmapmrmissile_screenshots7_unlockmrmissile_screenshots8_prizesmrmissile_screenshots9_store


Mr. Missile Logo (download zip file)MrMissileLogoBlack

Awards and Recognition

Featured under “Newly discovered indies” on the App Store during “Celebrating Indie Games” from March 9-20 2017.
Our moms like our Facebook Page. Well, one of them does.
Initial reaction to our teaser from TouchArcade.
Short write-up from TouchArcade.

Developer Fact Sheet

Developer: Lacuna King Inc. (Seoul, Korea)
Founding Date: February 2016

Louis Kang
Programmer, Game Design, Co-Founder, Orderer of Lunch

Lucian Chung
Artist, Game Design, Co-Founder, Ramp Druid


Lacuna King was founded by two friends who started working on games for fun, then later thought that making money would add to the fun. The allegedly dynamic duo develop using Unity with art assets created in Photoshop CC. Audio was created and edited using Bfxr and Audacity. Mr Missile is the first game they have published, and they are learning a lot through their first, long development cycle.


Jin Chung

Lee Radde